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>> Formelaktivator  >> Information about the Aktivator 

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Information about the Aktivator

He works according to a completely new principle of higher level and strengthens each formula, all the same whether Formula of the 2er, 3er, 4er or 10er level, then is reached a much faster loading.

Everyone can use the formulas, with the activator, who would like faster and better results.

The daily formulas becomes simpler. In this special glass crystal all pure and higher formula keys are integrated, whereby your completely personal energy work is supported.

The basic formulas DS, DSS, DSSS, DC, JHWH (and all variations of this formula) SALH, EF, EK, EKK, EKKK, CK, CKK, CKKK, OO and EN, LLLL, GGGG, EG, CL, WW, DR, BMMM, FFFF, PPP, AJ swing by a net that all formula user interconnect and protect.

You can use the activator with and without formula network.

You obtain the best effect of the basic formulas however over the network and you make at the same time a valuable contribution for the energetic cleaning of this planet. Negative energies are filtered and cannot disturb. The activator is whole time in self-cleaning and only for the formula magic after CH Müller / Bardon. Every formula, is strengthened by the activator and cannot be used for negative things. (feedback)

The detailed Instruction is soon in english available. Short Instruction is provided !

For the correct Articulation is following Download available

Formula Learning english MP3 34:56min

Field Report:

S.J. (Großbritannien) Thanks for sending the cd and formelaktivator.

I've been working with the formelaktivator and the basic formulas and 2 lights have exploded in my presence after using. The protection also seems to be stronger - are these normal effects? Thanks


Yes the formula activator is very strong, also the small activator..;.) Please take shorter formula times than it is said in Book there it otherwise to overloading comes.Listen to your intuition. 10 minutes is enough. The most of the times is 3 minutes enough for each formula.